“Googleable” or not?


I’ve just read a fascinating blog post from Star of the Sea, part of the Brisbane Catholic Schools. They’ve been working on how to implement inquiry and discovery learning. One of their strategies has been to write questions onto sticky notes, then sort the questions into those that can be Googled (and therefore need little class time) and those that can’t and, therefore, merit meaty discussions.

While we all need to know some Googleable answers in order to build a strong foundational understanding of a topic, the real trick is how to move beyond that when we work with kids. This is a very kid-friendly method for sorting out questions, a useful variation on the (also very useful!) red light / green light method of sorting questions that’s been written about in past School Library Monthly issues.

This is an awesome strategy that can be implemented effortlessly into your inquiry practice. Take a look!

Hat Tip: Ewan McIntosh’s blog

Image: “stickynote” by J_O_I_D on Flickr. Used with a Creative Commons BY 2.0 license

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