Look Who’s in the School Library


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I’ve written previously in this space about my tendency to sit next to teachers on airplanes, and although I didn’t manage to keep this streak alive in my Seattle travels, I did encounter another seatmate to write about here in the SLM Blog!  During flights to Milwaukee and then to Seattle, I shared some pleasant conversation with a Connecticut woman who was flying across the country to pick up a new puppy and return home the same day to the East Coast.  In a “warm fuzzy” moment that I hope to repeat someday, we traded magazines for the next legs of our travels.  So she took my US Magazine, and I got the February copy of O, The Oprah Magazine, which just so happened to feature an interview with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor – in the school library of the Justice’s high school alma mater, Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx.

There is just one photo of the school library in the online version, but the print copy (which I now own, courtesy of my airplane friend) features a few more pics, including one of the Justice and current students at the school.  In the interview, Justice Sotomayor talks about feeling different growing up in household that spoke Spanish; building character by rising after failure; and hearing the White House switchboard operator tell her to hold the phone for the President when she found out she was selected as the nominee to the Supreme Court.  These stories and more are part of her new book, My Beloved World.

Check out the article for a peek at the school library, and for more wisdom and reflections from the Justice, including this response to Oprah’s question about her greatest aspiration on the bench:

“I don’t have a professional aspiration. But I do have a personal one: I want to continue growing as a person. I want to reach out more to people, to learn from them.”


–Rebecca Morris

Image: Screen capture, Oprah Interviews Sonia Sotomayor in O Magazine – Oprah.com via kwout.

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