Local News: Talk and Collaborate at the Library


The Lowell Sun Online (Lowell, MA) featured an article this week about the transformation of the Wilmington High School Library (Wilmington, MA, with School Librarian Paula Byrne) into a new space for reading, learning, and teaching.  Although the phrase, “Learning Commons” isn’t mentioned in the story, this updated school library sounds like a place that hasn’t just gone digital; it’s gone collaborative, social, and device-friendly.  Writer Katie Lannan describes the new school library:

“Computers, tablets and cellphones are at the center of this collaboration.  At new tables, students can gather to pore over research materials, but rather than looking at the pages of a book, they’ll be staring at a screen.”

I don’t love the thought of “students staring at a screen” – that doesn’t really sound like the active learning that school librarians are working to support – but I’ll let that go for the moment.  Instead, I’ll focus on how great it is that Wilmington and other local school libraries are recognized for their use of tools for successful 21st-century learning, like online databases, charging stations, and seating that encourages sharing and talking.

Have your neighborhood or home school libraries been mentioned in local news stories?  Share in the comments!

Hat tip to school librarian Laura Harrington for sharing this story.

Reference: Lannan, Katie. “School Libraries Shelve Book-Boosting Plans as More Student Research Goes Online.” Lowell Sun Online. March 13, 2013. http://www.lowellsun.com/todaysheadlines/ci_22779301/school-libraries-shelve-book-boosting-plans-more-student#ixzz2NWYYrFOt

–Rebecca Morris

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