Anti-Bullying & Resiliency in Sept/Oct SLM

Are you gearing up for back-to-school yet– or is it too early?  I’m still enjoying summer, but my mind is definitely turning to thoughts of the fall semester.  If you’re starting to think of school buses, jeans commercials, and high school sports and band camps, are you also starting to ponder new displays and reading promotion ideas?  Are you excited to begin the new collaborative lesson that you and a colleague developed at the end of the year?  Or maybe, like I often felt when I worked in a school, you’re curious to know if the summer cleaning crew is finished with your room so that you can try out new room arrangement ideas, drop off books or that thrift shop bookshelf, or just see who else is back and setting up their rooms.

Another way to start preparing for the new year at the school library is to check out the topics and articles coming up in the September/October School Library Monthly.  From the “Coming Up,” this issue  “focuses on resiliency and anti-bullying through library resources and spaces.”

Here’s a sneak peek of the articles, with the full list available here.


–Rebecca Morris


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