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Author, blogger, and Director of Media and Technology (Mankato Public Schools, MN) Doug Johnson writes this month in Educational Leadership about the spaces and activities of today’s school library.

Read the full column here, and read on for a quick preview of the student learning needs met by school library spaces.

According to the article, school libraries provide space, resources, and tools for–

  • social learning
  • production and presentation
  • teaching
  • a place where kids want to be
This is a keeper and a quick read for busy school librarians and principals!  Share Doug Johnson’s article with your school leaders, then invite them to attend a specific class or event in your school library to view some of these learning experiences first-hand.  And as my mentor school library educator Dr. Biagini always says, don’t just invite them to stop in “sometime.”  The library doors are always open to administrators, of course, but a generic invitation is akin to saying “let’s do lunch,” which may or may not ever happen.  Give a time and context, and try not worry about the visit as an evaluative moment.  Take it instead as an opportunity for your principal to build a picture of how students are learning in the library space.  It’s ok if it’s not picture-perfect; you might even shed light on needs of the space, technology, or collection through casual visits.

When you share the article or extend the invitation, tell us how it goes in the comments!

–Rebecca Morris

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