More School Libraries in the News

Three school libraries are recognized in the popular media this week (in a brief article by Matthew Lynch in the Huffington Post), for their innovative and positive approaches to student learning.

The school libraries hail from these school districts:

  • Ogden School District, Utah
  • The Meadowbrook School of Weston, Massachusetts
  • New Augusta South Elementary School, Indianapolis

Author and education contributor/writer Lynch identifies a major component – take-aways, he calls them – of each library’s successful program, including these:

  • Librarians teach search skills that will become important lifelong habits for students, and libraries aren’t warehouses of books (Ogden)
  • Library programs provide a unifying, common thread that connects content across disciplines (Meadowbrook)
  • Libraries offer numerous ways of accessing library resources, in formats and spaces both physical and digital (New Augusta South)

Lynch writes,

“Librarians, information associates, media center specialists – call them what you want, but these professionals are just as important to student success as homeroom teachers and administrators.”

Like a reflex, I couldn’t help but scowl a little at the phrase,”call them what you want,” (because I agree with AASL’s position that the professional title of “school librarian” is “clear and presents a common nomenclature,”) but this is too positive a portrayal of today’s effective school libraries to get fussy, I think.

Does the title matter much here?  What are other “take-aways” from successful school library programs?

–Rebecca Morris


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